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Our emphasis is the development of desirable values including fair play, good sportsmanship and community service. We foster a sensitivity and appreciation for the differences in intellectual, social and physical skills among our children.

We believe the game of baseball is one more opportunity for our children to grow in self-esteem, confidence and motivation in a safe environment. These are important and desirable attributes, which stay with and serve our participants well throughout their lives.

Brighton Little League, Inc., is a support network of volunteer parents, coaches and community members who are dedicated to the positive emotional and physical maturity of our town youth.

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Yes. All skill levels are encouraged to play. No child is turned away from Brighton Little League because of experience or skillsets. One of Brighton's strengths as a community is our diversity and we want to bring the sport to as many children as possible, even if they have never experience the game. Our coaches and staff work to make sure that the game is just one of the ways in which we can provide an enriching experience for the community.

Teams are provided with uniform jerseys and hats, helmets, bats, and catcher's gear. You only need to provide a glove and pants (white for baseball, grey for softball). If you are unsure of the kind of glove your child needs, reach out to us and we can help guide you to the right quality in the right price range for your child. A good glove is not necessarily an expensive one, especially as they learn the game.

Our prices range based on the age and division being registered. We are conscious of costs to parents and strive to make the game affordable. Our registration fees are among the least expensive in Rochester, and come with additional features like Spring training at SmashIt Sports at no extra cost. We also offer early bird discounts, payment plans, family maximums for families with 3 or more children registering, and even scholarship opportunities. If you need information on how to make registering for Little League fit your budget, do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 1) Create an account. Add all of your family's information so that each child can be registered at one time.

Step 2) Once you have an account, available programs will be listed. Contact our registration coordinator if you have questions.

If you want to go far, go together! Even if you have 0 plate appearances in your life, you could make a great coach or volunteer. We need much more than just athletic coaches (we need those too!). Whether you can run a concession stand, send emails, fill out paperwork, code a website, be spooky in our Halloween haunted house, we need you! Please reach out to our volunteer coordinator!

Every child should have the chance to play the game.

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Email our Challenger Coordinator to Find Out About Our Program

The registration page provides a list of all of the programs that your child might be eligible for. It is not required to register for all or any of the programs listed. If you need help, contact registration here and ask for help. We can make sure your choosing the right spots and getting into the right programs for your child.

For the T-Ball divisions, practices and games are combined on Saturday mornings. Half of the time is practice, drills and games that teach good fundamentals, and half the time in real game like simulations. Games will take place at Meridian Centre or Buckland Park.

For Rookies and older, the schedule follows a two games per week pattern. One weeknight game (day depending on division) and one Saturday game. Depending on the division and coaches, teams may also have a scheduled practice on non-game nights. Our Majors division also has a team that only plays on weeknights so that the Sabbath can be observed and kids still get a full season of games.

Most upper division games will also be played at Meridian Centre or Buckland Park, although some upper level softball teams will play games in other towns in the Rochester region. The regional organizing body (D4) has done work to make these away games as close as possible (Pittsford, Pennfield, Fairport, Webster, Henrietta).

The game is more fun when every team is competitive. In order for us to have competitive teams, we rate players in the preseason and have an annual draft where each team ends up with the same number of comparably skilled players. As a result, only family members are guaranteed to be kept on the same team.

Prior to the season, players will be asked to attend a rating session where they will go through several stations much like they do during the preseason SmashIt Sports sessions. A number of coaches will rate each player at a station, providing them a score for that station. The scores are not shared with any of the players or parents and are only used to make sure competitive teams can be formed. We rate on athletic ability (throwing, fielding, hitting, speed) but more importantly, baseball knowledge, behavior, and attitude. We want to build great people more than great ballplayers.

We encourage you to attend the preseason SmashIt Sports sessions. Our coaches run these hour long sessions and quickly begin to build relationships with the players and better understand their skills and characters.

House is our standard Little League program, where players are on teams like the Yankees, Mets, Knights and Muckdogs. These are the games with all of the Brighton registered players.

D4 or travel, is the Rochester area league teams that compete as a Brighton team against other town teams like Pittsford or Fairport. We have an 8U (8 and under), 10U, and 12U program. These teams require a much more substantial time commitment for parents and players and especially the coaches. These teams are a tryout team and come at additional costs to families. In 2020, we will have 2 12U teams competing, and 1 team in both 10U and 8U. Our goal is to get younger players into the game sooner and eventually have 2 teams in each division.

All-Stars is a select team of the best players from the House program (D4 players are NOT guaranteed spots on these teams). It is a by-invitation tryout team. Throughout the season, the coaches meet and discuss with their players, other coaches and league management which kids are the strongest ballplayers, as well as the best teammates. This is a high honor for the kids chosen to tryout, as it shows they were seen by their coaches and peers as the best of Brighton. These players represent Brighton in the District tournaments which are the first steps towards Williamsport.

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