Video Streaming

We are very excited to offer the TMobile FamCam, a livestreaming service that broadcasts games free of
charge! Powered by a 5G-connected camera installed at your player’s field, family and friends
everywhere can catch your Little Leaguer’s games in real time on any mobile device, tablet, computer,
or Smart TV.
Not only can you watch the games LIVE, the T-Mobile FamCam 5G site also enables you to catch up on
past games via on-demand, and allows you to create highlight clips of your favorite moments.

How to Register 
You can begin watching live games by visiting, and creating a free account on our league streaming portal. User accounts are reset each year and a new account should be created in 2023.
During registration, you will need to enter our league’s passcode to access our games. 
Our league's Passcode is: TMO1BLL1

Where to Watch Live Games
On game day, simply go to and click the Brighton Little League icon, or directly at
We can’t wait to partner with T-Mobile this season and look forward to connecting our league fans near
and far to your Little Leaguer’s games.

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