Brighton Little League & Brighton Softball Association FAQ


For more information about softball offerings in Brighton, please visit Brighton Softball Association.

   What is Brighton Softball Association or BSA?    

After the spring 2022 Brighton Little League (BLL) Softball season, the BLL board agreed to the outgoing president's formation of Brighton Softball Association (BSA) outside of Little League International and the BLL charter.

   Why was the Brighton Softball Association created?    

BLL has historically struggled to attract enough interested players to form robust competitive leagues within its current charter boundaries. Brighton players will benefit from playing in a larger regional league with more complete rosters, a bigger pool of volunteer coaches, and greater variety of opponents.

   Why does Brighton Little League not currently offer softball?    

The BLL board of directors agreed to not offer softball in 2023 because of their confidence that BSA offers the best experience for Brighton softball players. Competing for registrations with BSA would undermine the benefits of BSA's ability to sign up more players regionally.

Brighton Little League recently surveyed families of former softball players in the program and families of female participants in our baseball programs. It was concluded there was not enough interest to offer a softball program in Spring 2024. If you are a family member of a softball player and would like to be involved in the future of softball in Brighton, please reach out to a current BLL board member.

   Where should softball players in Brighton play?    

BLL strongly recommends that softball players in Brighton join BSA. But in the case of families who would prefer the Little League experience, BLL will sign off on waivers if families arrange to play for another league. Girls interested in playing baseball are welcome to register for baseball programs based on their league age

   Where will Brighton Softball Association play?    

Philanthropists, such as the family of Gordon Gray, have donated generously in the past to provide a top-notch softball field at Meridian Centre and it is very important to BLL to honor those legacies. BLL looks forward to working with the Town of Brighton and with BSA to ensure that the softball field continues to showcase outstanding youth softball in 2023.


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